Hoar Park Children’s Farm And Saddlery,   Hoar Park Farm, Ansley, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, CV10 0QU    Tel: 02476 398334    Email: info@hoarparkfarm.com

Pet shop licence no.009067, Zoo licence no.008535.

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We have four horses on the farm but they are not always on show to the public.  

Herbie and Peter are Gypsy Vanner horses and Dolly is a miniature.

They are a type of horse called a cob which means they are strong and chunky.

Their feet are covered in hair which are called feathers.

                      Zeus is a New Forest Pony

He is very talkative and if you shout his name he may come running with a happy neigh.

Zeus is best friends with Herbie!

Carlos and Nik Nik are our Miniature Donkeys

They are still very young and will often be found chasing each other round and teasing each other.

Do your best eeyore and they may just talk back!

Nik Nik the Hoar Park Donkey Zeus the Hoar Park Pony Herbie the Hoar Park Horse

Equus caballus


Equus asinus